dirkraft's bits and pieces

Some of these are scare-marked experimental as exceptionally so, but really who are we kidding: All my projects are experimental.

OSS that works where ε is arbitrarily large

Formats tabular output to fit a console. Resizes columns automaddingly.
Predecessor to the python version above (so, fewer options), in Scala.
"Fixes" URISyntaxException when you must have java.net.URI
SSH to AWS EC2 instances more easily (Golang).
In Dropwizard, just serve files directly from the file system.
github:nightmare-server experimental
PoC to wrap nightmare.js into a Docker container as a service.
github:gradle-plantuml-plugin experimental
Gradle plugin to render PlantUml markup into image files.
Reference workbook when I was learning Scala the first time.
One is always learning Scala for it cannot be learned.
Reference Jersey 1.x project where things work this is from before Dropwizard figured out a lot of this stuff for us.

Browser apps call me systems programmer (notrly)

jstack.html 🎉
Formats jstack traces.
Useful in tracking down those pesky non-daemon 👼 threads preventing JVM shutdown.
Some of my browser apps use localStorage which can behave funny if it gets full. I don't find it funny.
Manage it for dirkraft.github.io at the link (or open up your dev tools and do it yourself 🙆‍).
http://echo.dirkraft.com/ experimental
Echoes your HTTP request back to you. Maybe you want to check your visible headers or sth.
Runs free (for me) on a Heroku teeny tiny dyno.
Source: github:httpecho

Scriptlets you can fix the internet

I use tampermonkey to haxor web sites with these scripts.

GitHub Issue Link Title (GHILT)
Adds titles to issue links on GitHub. Set it up with a personal access token.
e.g. #123 becomes: [#123 such-and-such times out]

OSS from my BlackLocus days not out of the goodness of my heart

Automation helper through the full lifecycle of AWS RDS snapshot restorations.
Forwards codahale/dropwizard metrics into AWS CloudWatch.
URL-shareable CloudWatch charts. Made before CloudWatch dashboards. Saves your charts to your own S3 bucket.
Source: github:anvil
Logback logger which writes out JSON instead of formatted text.

Closed source projects if you only knew